“The treatments were well thought out”

“Very Effective”

– Angela G.

“I feel that the P.T. sessions were very helpful”

– Allen P.

“I started feeling great and better than ever”

– Ann W.

“I would highly recommend them to anyone”

– Ben H.

“My pain is now minimal and I’m able to do a lot of things”

– Bill P.

“My decision to have my second knee surgery was the knowledge I would return to this center”

– Barb R.

“I’m impressed and appreciative of the care here”

– Corrine K.

“The staff and doctors did a beautiful job”

– Cleo L.

“After receiving the physical therapy in five weeks I am able to retain full strength in my hand & wrist”

– Denise D.

“I enjoyed the experience”

– Darrel P.

“In my opinion Francis Jung is the best and most qualified therapist I have ever met”

– Jay C.

“Recovering from injuries is a great job that requires a lot of things and I think you have all done an amazing job”

– Jose S.

“The exercises and treatment I was given have helped me become flexible”

– Sandra H.

“Although I have a Chronic un-curable injury to my spine, I can function at a much higher level”

– Lisa